Ramp Up Sales With a Hot Food Display

If you run a convenience or small grocery store, you know that a lot of your revenue comes from impulse buys purchased near the registers. Cold drink displays have long been a favorite come-on near the checkout, but how about ramping up sales with a hot food display as well? Here are some ideas.

First, the Equipment

In order to pull off an effective and safe hot food display, you need to have the right equipment. Crock pots and improvised machines simply will not be appealing nor are they likely to pass code! After deciding what kinds of hot foods you would like to sell, visit websites of vendors who specialize in supplying hot food displays to the public.

These machines are uniquely engineered for this specific use and come with temperature controls, easy cleaning designs, appealing lighting, and everything you need (other than the food itself) to make this new enterprise a success. Look for designs that make efficient use of surface area, feature energy-saving measures, and whose exteriors are cool to the touch for safety’s sake.

Soup, Anyone?

Anyone can grab a hot dog for lunch, but what about a nice bowl of wholesome soup instead? Many of the noontime convenience or grocery store customers are shopping, but they’re hungry for lunch too. Keeping soup near the check-out line will encourage them to pick up a healthy lunch and satisfy their cravings for something healthy.

Gotta Have Pizza

Teenagers are crazy for pizza. Pre-making both cheese and pepperoni individual pizzas and having them boxed and ready to go near the checkout will guarantee high levels of lunchtime impulse sales from this key demographic. The aroma from the pizza will remind them how hungry they really are as they wait in the check-out line.

What’s For Dinner?

Keep a hot display case full of tantalizing whole rotisserie chickens near the registers and set them at a very reasonable price. Harried moms trying to get home in time to get dinner ready are likely to bypass cooking altogether when they see the delicious chicken display. After all, during the hectic late afternoon hours, mothers are the ultimate impulse buyers!

How to Double Your Business Profits

Have you ever felt that your business is going nowhere and it seems like you going to have the same profits every year? The current recession has a big impact among most small businesses. In fact, during this time, more small business will likely go bankrupt.

Here are three ways you can make sure you can survive but also thrive during these harsh economic times.

1. The great business management guru, Peter Drucker, once stated that the function of a business is to get and keep customers. You may think a business has to be complex but it shouldn’t be. If you focus your business on this function only, not only would you notice more revenue, you would also see that your profits will skyrocket dramatically.

2. Pull in your customer with great deals. For example, don’t be like any other businesses that drop their prices down to lure more customers. Instead, offer them a deal they can’t refuse. This could be giving them a two or three year money back guarantee or have a free thirty day trial before paying. Be creative and don’t be like other shops out there. People want to buy someone who is unique and they can trust.

3. Try to lure your old customer back. The most cost effective thing to do is to call up your old customers and offer them a new deal. Since they have already bought from you previously, trust is usually isn’t a main issue. Sometimes customers will forget that you exist and just calling them up will remind them that you are still in business.

Small Business Administration Programs

There is a government agency in the United States that seeks to support small upcoming enterprises. The name of the agency is Small Business Administration. What the agency does is that, it seeks to make the enterprises stronger by funding them through loan assistance. The mission of the agency is to facilitate economic recovery and maintain this strength.

This is done by overseeing the establishment of small businesses and ensuring that the enterprises have access to loans from lending institutions. It acts as a guarantor for these loans, especially for those people who may want these loans but have nothing to offer as security. In other cases, it goes ahead and gives the loans directly to enterprises affected by unfortunate circumstances like fire outbreak.

Furthermore, Small Business Administration assists small enterprises to manage their operations, gain technical experience as well as provide training to their staff or administrators. Other services include helping the enterprises get government procurement contracts. As per the statistics, the agency has actually helped over 18 million ventures soar high.

All the same, this success has not been easy to come by. The agency has been faced with many challenges every now and then, but thankfully, it has been able to overcome them. Just to site an example, the existence of the agency has been threatened before by the Republican House of Representatives, which planned to wipe out the program. The problem was further compounded by the Bush government which sought to frustrate its efforts by reducing its budgetary allocation monies. However, the agency has survived this far and is doing well.

Ways of Getting Small Business Help

Small businesses require a lot of help if they are to function properly. Much of this help can be found in the local libraries business section. Entrepreneurs, for example, need counseling on how to go about establishing, growing and sustaining their enterprises. On specific information, they need to know how to come up with business funding proposals, lasting plans and other relevant guiding documents.

The libraries also offer other forms of help by providing directories on which one can make contacts with other enterprises. There is also a large database in which one can find contact as well as general information regarding thousands of other enterprises that operate in the same line of trade. The information includes the financial worth, size, national and international associations of these enterprises.

Details of company profiles and histories, rankings in terms of credit worth, investment reports and full text magazines are also readily available. The information is of help to an entrepreneur because he can be able to partner with such enterprises to expand his own enterprise. Furthermore, by doing a self-profiling on this database, one is able to attract prospective partners and potential clients. This helps your enterprise grow with much more ease.

Another kind of help you get form this information is that you are able to differentiate real partners from those that are classified as scam. Instead of spending too much time on the Internet trying to sift wheat from chaff, you find that your work is made easier and you thus spare yourself much time which you can invest in other activities targeted at expanding your enterprise.

Getting Small Business Funding

Funding for small businesses may actually not be as easy as many people tend to think. All the same, having the right information about funding will go a long way into helping you get the necessary help, as soon as you may require it. This could be at the time when you are starting up the enterprise, or during its operation when you might feel that expansion of the enterprise is due.

For some tips on how to go about the funding process, let us have a look at some of the things you need to be up and candid about. For a start, keep in mind that the main source of funding are banks and credit unions. However, these being the most common sources does not necessarily mean that the process is easy. Banks, especially have to scrutinize your financial standing and bad credit scores will do you no good as long as getting those credit facilities is concerned.

To make the process easier, it is recommended that you come up with a business proposal, which will capture your plans, show how you plan to make money and hence repay the loan. The second important thing you might need to know is that reliance on government grants may not be the best option for a small business. The grants are normally not available to small enterprises, and where they are, they tend to be more expensive than bank loans. You will need to use money to get money.

One other important thing is to know that if you go for bank loans or any other forms of loans, there is something in it for your creditor. This means that when you get to the repayment, you will pay with some interest on top of the borrowed amount. For this reason, you are advised to look around for the best rates.